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Golden Drum 2008 – Press Release

A FASCINATING CREATIVE ACADEMY Ljubljana , August 18, 2008 – The Creative Academy will be slightly different this year. Four large advertising networks will present their thoughts and insights into key topics given by the organisers on the Golden Drum stage. 
MCCANN WORLDGROUP: Advertising Eros. Advertising is about much more than just conveying messages and special offers or delivering brand promises. At its best, it is about targeting hearts and minds of consumers with Cupid's arrows, triggering desire, passion and aspirations to become part of a special, brand-related world. Branding at this level becomes the development of an erotic attitude towards a name, a brand, an image or a personality. It is much more than mere problem solving. It is the supremacy of Ethos over Ratio. It is a magnetism that connects people and makes sense with its content. And eventually the advertising business has a specific erotic appeal of its own that attracts the young, the curious, the ambitious and the creative. The Golden Drum Creative Academy 2008 could discuss the AD EROS and its future in the age of direct digital communications. Isn't the rational part of the advertising industry becoming ever more prevalent? And is it at all possible to project Eros' power without the mass media? 
With:-          Milka Pogliani, Chairman of European Creative Council EMEA, Executive Creative Director, McCann Worldgroup , Italy
-          Adrian Botan, Regional Creative Director Central and Eastern Europe , McCann Erickson and their guests.
PUBLICIS GROUP:Is there life after death? There have never been as many pessimistic forecasts as there are today: the death of mass media, the death of print and even of TV, the death of classical advertising, the death of the consumer society, the death of prosperity and the decline of the social state... However, the establishment of the new doesn't necessarily imply the destruction of the old, nor simply a changed relation between the two. The new never starts from nothing, from the absolute beginning, but as a rule is more or less integrated with much of the preceding. Which elements from the golden age of advertising will survive the digital era? What will advertising in the 21st century look like? How will new media and new communication processes change the standard advertising paradigm? Should senior stars just pack their suitcases and leave their well-paid jobs to 25-year-olds or can they remain useful and successful even in this new era? 
With:-          Richard Pinder, Chief Operating Officer of Publicis Worldwide
-          Bob Moore, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis
-          Paul Kemp-Robertson, Co-founder & Editorial Director, Contagious Communications
-          Carter Murray, Chief Marketing Officer, Publicis Worldwide
-          Paul Marsden, market researcher and Managing Director of digital insight agency clickadvisor.com
GREY GROUP:Back to the Future When we are told that the golden age of advertising has ended, we must first ask ourselves two questions – was it ever golden, and why? Has it truly ended, and why? Beyond a doubt, the new media, digital technologies and globalization have transformed the advertising industry and direct communications will continue to increase in importance. However, does this necessarily imply the decline and fall of mass communication? A vast majority of catastrophic predictions turn out to be exaggerations and the reality ends up less all-encompassing than everybody feared. In all likelihood, the mass media will not disappear, but it seems fair to conclude that their role in society will change. A journey back and forth through time may help us change the past in order to influence the future. The new, emerging advertising paradigm without a theoretical background is a generational issue. The young understand communication differently from those who had the privilege of seeing Bernbach, Ogilvy, Burnett, Chiat and others in action – instead of having to make do by reading about them in anecdote rich advertising history books. The Golden Drum Creative Academy 2008 allows us to ask the crucial question: can this generation and technology gap be bridged creatively? And to everybody’s eventual profit? 
With:-          John A. Lynn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Grey Group Spain
-          Pietro Leone, CEO, Grey Global Group Central & Eastern Europe , Italy & Turkey
-          Per Pedersen, Creative Director, Uncle Grey Denmark & Norway
-          Francesco Emiliani, Executive Creative Director, Grey Milan
-          Claudiu Dobrita, Creative Director, Grey Bucharest
TBWAEUROPE: Living in a Media Arts World
Media Arts is best described as the “Art of Brand Behavior.” The old saying “Actions speak louder than words” has never been truer. To see the world as an ever-increasing landscape of more and more media channels is to miss the bigger point: we aren’t in the middle of a channel revolution we are in the middle of a behavioral revolution. We interact differently. We discover differently. We trust differently. We expect differently. We are no longer passive recipients – we are highly engaged participants. As a result, brands have to think of themselves as being more akin to content/media brands than ever before…where they choose to be and how they choose to be there is much more important than the “single minded message” ever was.
The Golden Drum Creative Academy 2008 will discuss not only the „what“ but also the „how“ brands communicate and how this impacts the way we work, who we hire and why this is the most interesting time in our industry since the 60s on Madison Avenue.
With: -          John Hunt, Worldwide Creative Director TBWA Worldwide
-          Stefan Schmidt, Chief Creative Officer TBWA Germany
-          Kurt Georg Dieckert, Chief Creative Officer TBWA Germany & Jury President Design & AD
-          Nancee Martin, Director Human Resources, TBWA Worldwide
-          Jan Macken, Executive Creative Director TBWA Brussels
-          hosted by Mark Tungate (author of Adland and journalist for Strategy, Campaign, etc.)
Конкурс от Руфа.ру на лучший перевод текста на русский язык.Призы- сувениры с официальной символикой Руфа.ру и Golden Drum 2008

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